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Welcome to Creerunner Communications Ltd.

Creerunner is the creation of Rodger W. Ross, who is an accomplished First Nations video producer in Regina. Rodger was given the company name by an Elder from his community of Regina Saskatchewan. We go that extra mile to achieve the results you want no matter how complex they are. We have over 30 years of experience in video production within  Saskatchewan, Canada and beyond. Creerunner Communications Ltd. is the #1 provider of audio and has been named the best video producer in Regina. Creerunner specializes in desktop publishing, multi-media and developing communications strategies. Creerunner Communications Ltd. is an Industry leading,  high quality First Nations Audio/Video production company.

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  • Storyteller

    Traditional Storyteller in Regina Rodger W. Ross is a First Nations Traditionalist and is recognized as a Traditional Storyteller who is passionate about preserving the Oral Traditions of his people. His stories have been acquired during his career as a filmmaker seeking out Elders from First Nation Communities across western Canada. He has been gifted …

  • Production

    In 1999 Rodger W. Ross incorporated Creerunner Communications Ltd and immediately began producing video and multi-media productions for various clients including: Regina Treaty Status Indian Services Lion’s Clubs International Pasqua First Nation SaskEnergy Americas Most Wanted First Nations University of Canada Video Producer Creerunner Communication Ltd. Logo Created By: Quentin Karmark CONTACT RODGER TODAY!

  • Workshops

    The workshops that are available are designed to engage, create dialogue and enhance organizational capacity. Participants are encouraged to identify current issues and work toward common goals, starting with personal development and moving on to community engagement. The Following is a list of Workshops we offer: First Peoples’ Cultural Bridging Workforce Diversity Communicating with First …

  • Communications

    Aboriginal/Indigenous Communication Experts In Regina! Rodger W. Ross was trained as a journalist writer by Paulette Giles former assistant editor of the New York Times and continued his training in the Film and Video industry with CBC and CTV – Regina. Rodger has developed multi-media content for broadcast from commercials to full length documentaries and complete …